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Beijing Huan Le He Shi food Co.,LTD

    ope体育手机端-ope电子竞技-ope 电竞,成立于2003年,是一家集研发、进口与专业经销中西式快餐食品及物流配送的现代化食品公司。经营项目包括中西式快餐食品、包装、饮料、机器等专业产品。经过欢乐和食全体员工多年的不懈努力,业务发展迅速,与国内外著名快餐食品生厂商建立了诚信、良好、稳固合作关系。本公司致力于中西式快餐食品在中国的推广、普及及本地化生产的转化,为客户量身定制符合预算要求品质优异的食品原料,以专业优质服务,长久诚信理念,成为中国中西式快餐食品配送行业的龙头企业。
  Beijing Huan Le He Shi food Co.,LTD founded in 2003, is a modern food company integrating research and development, import , professional sales of Chinese and western fast food and logistics. Main bu- siness include Chinese and western fast food, packaging, beverages, machinery and other professional products. Through the consistent efforts of all the staff  during these years, the business has developed rapidly and it has established an honest, good and stable cooperative relationship with famous domestic and foreign fast food manufacturers.We commit to the promotion and popularization of western and Chinese fast food in China , the transformation of local food, customization of the high quality food raw materials conforming to the customers’ budget . We  also devote to becoming the leading enterprise in western and Chinese fast food distribution industry in China.
    On September 10, 2013, We became a formal member of the Chinese culinary association. In November 2014, we became a member of the supplier committee of the Chinese culinary association. In the future, we will insist on the principle-professional, dedicated, leading service, attention to details, quality management , providing high-quality products for the industry,

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